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EYE TO EYE OPTOMETRY - We are an innovative business that prides itself on excellence in customer service in the Optical industry.

We have the latest in Optometry and Optical equipment which gives us an edge over our competitors in providing you with the best eyewear solution for your lifestyle needs.

Optometrist, Elaine Bentley, and Dispensing Manager Ray Davies, both have extensive experience in the industry and have come together to create a unique Optometry practice that will offer you unsurpassed excellence in quality eyewear and service.

With our website we want to let you know who we are and what we have to offer you, keeping you up to date with the latest lens technology and cutting edge fashion eye wear. We will be offering something for everyone, being independent means we can offer you that flexibility as we are not bound by a corporate company mentality that limits our options to you.

At Eye to Eye Optometry, YOU are our priority, if you are happy, satisfied and feel comfortable dropping in any time for adjustment, concerns or just a chat then we have done our job.

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