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Transitions Adaptive Lenses
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Transitions Adaptive Lenses

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We only use the highest quality lenses at Eye to Eye Optometry. For our package deals we use CR39, a proven quality material for its price.

THICKNESS If you are concerned about your lenses being thick, then we can provide you with the thinnest lightest lenses available on the optical market. Grind lenses to frame specifications is one way of achieving this.

Using a stock lens will always give a thicker result, especially as the frame gets smaller. By specifically grinding to the frame you have chosen the thickness is reduced dramatically, you look better and the end result is lighter on your face.

HIGH INDEX LENSES CR39, the basic lens material has a refractive index of 1.44. Lenses made from higher index materials can be cut thinner and hence lighter for the same prescription. High index lenses are available in a range of refractive indices from 1.53 to 1.74, with 1.74 giving the thinnest, lightest lenses possible. If you have a high prescription you will particularly benefit by choosing lenses made from a higher index material.

ANTI REFLECTIVE COATINGS Our preferred coating is called Crizal A2, developed by Essilor. Crizal provides unsurpassed visual clarity by eliminating the four enemies of clear eyesight: glare, smudges, dust and scratches.

Crizal A2 gives you optimised eyesight with better contrast during the day and enhanced visual comfort at night. Crizal A2 eliminates bothersome reflections that can appear on the surface of an uncoated lens. It is particularly advantageous under fluorescent lights, on computers and for night time activities especially driving.

Lens Designs

We provide single vision lenses, all indices, all coatings, bifocals and the latest Progressive lens technology.

Bifocals were the first 'multi' focus lenses produced. They have a visible line and are still the preferred option for some. We believe most people will benefit from the advantages of progressive lenses, having no lines and giving intermediate vision as well as distance and near.

Progressive lenses can now be custom made to give the least peripheral distortions and hence the widest visual field possible for your particular prescription, frame and facial measurements.

Occupational lenses are also available that cater for different work situations, for example for those who do a high proportion of computer or intermediate work but also need to glance into the distance. We carry a range of safety frames that can be fitted with your prescription and are provided with Safety Certification to meet health and safety requirements.

We will be very happy to discuss your individual needs and advise on options available.